Want to Join Havoc ? Click HERE for more information ___----___ Havoc Packs have been updated please download it READ THIS - Shadowze 1/DEC/2018 ___----___ Friday Flight: 20:00 take off Sign-up ___----___ Arma3 server is now running standard version 1.82.144647 STABLE 10/APR/2018 ___----___ Addon Set-up guide to enable you to play on Havoc Arma3 servers Here ___----___ DCS Flight Training videos available Here

Havoc addon Packs have been updated please READ THIS - Shadowze 1/DEC/2018


- Sunday Op: 19:00 (Muster 18:40) Sign-up

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Teamspeak 3

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Havoc DCS Server is Online SRS Enabled

Players Connected (8)
Catweedle A-10C #1.4
United 2-1 | ExKay A-10C #1.1
BigDuke6 Tran mnt #2.1 UH-1H
Flemard Mirage #1.1 A2A
hognis Su-25T #1.2
Белоснежка F/A-18C #5.1 A2G
-P51DMustang- F/A-18C #1.3 A2A
kolann199 Su-25T #1.1
Time in Mission is 14:23