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Havoc addon Packs have been updated please READ THIS - Shadowze 1/MAR/2020


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Havoc DCS #1 (2.5.6 beta)

Players Connected (6)
Starspeed F-14B 2_1 A2A
Kang A-10C 1_1 A2G
Darky F-18C 2_2 A2A
Polkku Ka-50 3_1 A2G Hard
Marad97 F-18C 1_1 A2A
MeerCaT Ka-50 1_1 A2G patrol
Time in Mission is 17:43
Clear Skies Vis 80km
Wind: Spd 8m/s 40° Temp 9°C No Precip

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Amount needed £70    

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Password: orange

Havoc DCS #2 (2.5.6 beta) PG

Players Connected (1)
TAW_PREACHr F-16 1_1 A2A
Time in Mission is 17:24
Clear Skies Vis 0km
Wind: Spd 6m/s 200° Temp 34°C No Precip