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PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:42 am 
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From Feb 2019 onwards, for some unknown reason Virpil decided to change the Name that the joystick / throttle
reports back to windows, for people who fly DCS that means that the up to 80+ config files you have will no longer work right
DCS uses the reported name of the device that windows + the GUID to create the config file that store axis and binds for that

If you have already created a lot of bindings (you early adopter people) then by making this change Virpil have screwed you over
VPC WarBRD + MT50 {CC1D9180-1BF8-11e9-8003-444553540000}.diff.lua this was my old ID for my warbrd + MT-50 grip
and now it is
RIGHT VPC WarBRD Stick {77CBC580-4F28-11e9-8002-444553540000}.diff.lua

V1 throttle
VPC-Throttle {62A4E090-1BF9-11e9-8005-444553540000}.diff.lua
VPC MT-50 Throttle {3B01CBA0-4667-11e9-8002-444553540000}.diff.lua

Have no fear though, being a lazy fecker/ effecient I have worked out how to fix this ..... with a batch file
it will copy the old filename and create a new one with the correct ID/name

You WILL need to work out your GUID string (as it is most likely unique to your set-up), do this by going to DCS/Config/Input/<name of aircraft>/Joystick folder and examining the file names in there

1. BACKUP for DCS input folder FIRST, Incase you make a mistake
2. Download batch file
3. EDIT batch file and update variables SRC1 -> DST1 SRC2 -> DST2 as necessary
4. Run batch file

File comment: Virpil Joystick config copier (for DCS)
virpil_joystick_copier.bat [5.76 KiB]
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