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Playlist of all Virpil tutorials

Shadowze Virpil trouble shooting Tips
Pre-amble, the VPC set-up software is ONLY needed for setting the device up .... once the device is configured the config is stored ON THE DEVICE
so if you want to move your Virpil device to another PC ... you just plug it in .... thats it, nothing more complicated than that.

1.Do NOT update the firmware unless you HAVE TO! I cannot stress this enough. The amount of people who mess up
and update their firmware for "shits n giggles" then start freaking out about it online because they messed up perfectly good equipment for no good reason is too damn high
Iam still using version 20200325 at this time

2.Usually use the LATEST version of the software/firmware, older versions DO NOT support hardware released after it was written eg the control panels.
BUT it is possible to use different firmware versions on different parts of your Virpil kit (if you have more than one Virpil device)
exception is if you are using the control panels plugged into a AUX port on another Virpil device.

Make sure you run the installer AS ADMINISTRATOR and I would suggest NOT installing the VPC software suite in c program files, I usually install
it on a storage drive where I have full permissions eg D:\vpc\vpc_20200325
Please follow this tutorial on how to install the software (this will save you time later)
Archive of old software/firmware ->

3. Make sure you ALWAYS! run Virpil Software as Adminstrator (right click short cut - Run As Adminsitrator)

4. If updating firmware ONLY have one Virpil device plugged in at a time, if software freezes (not responding) -
just select device on USB LIST (top left side) Also unplug any other USB devices you can to ensure they are not interfering with the Virpil software as it tried to connect to the device over USB.

5. Joystick issue: My axis are working but grip buttons are not working (or operating strangely), check your grip to base connector and make sure it is fully inserted (make sure USB from base to PC is UNPLUGGED)
see this video or pic for correct way to do this
There are 2 cables, one cable inside the base goes from the PCB and is routed up to the locking collar
2nd cable inside the grip, it attached to the micro controller inside the grip and hangs out the bottom of the grip
If at any point along these cable runs a wire is broken or a connection pin damaged then it will not work correctly

6. Analog Axis issue: One of my axis is loosing calibration (I keep having to calibrate it)
the axis use magnets on the centre of the axis (looks like a bolt) and a PCB with a magnetic sensor on it (wee black chip) sits close to it
When axis moves the wee bolt rotates and the magnetic sensor picks this up sends this into the micro controller and this is how movement is detected
Your magnet might be loose and need tightened as it may be moving a little by itself, it should be possible to take this apart and self repair.
You might need to tighten the magnet back up again, you will need to take your Virpil device apart to get at the nut and bolt that will need tightened up
The picture below, the left yellow marker shows this magnet, the one at the bottom shows it is missing from the other axis (might have fallen off)

7. I am getting incorrect Axis / button presses/operation of my virpil device after a firmware upgrade / create&save profile / calibration,
this is usually down to the incorrect profile being loaded onto the device. Check your device type and try to make sure you are using the correct base and grip profile

8. If using a USB Hub and having problems plug the Virpil Device into the Motherboard USB port. Also only user proper powered USB hubs.

9. Anti-virus, sometimes AV will NOT like Virpil software, you can temporarily disable you AV do what you need to do with
the Virpil Software and then when finished re-enable your AV

10. Some other USB devices / software will cause problem for the Virpil software eg Corsair iCUE, some USB fobs for wireless mice
You can try disconnecting/shutting down the software and try the Virpil software again

11. Some buttons are missing on the User interface of VPC software (eg LED/button) Expert Mode in the VPC software can be toggled OFF and ON by pressing left control + F1

12. I cannot see my device in the Virpil Software to even update/configure it! This maybe down to firmware software incompatability,
To fix press left control + F12 and in the options list untick Show only VPC devices in older versions its called Enable USB Devices list filter ,
press left control + F12, close VPC software and start VPC software up again

13. The Virpil software comes with a firmware file that contains the code that is programmed onto the Virpil device. Each revision eg 190723 of
software is only compatible with the same version of the firmware on the actual Virpil device. Exported profiles are ONLY guaranteed to be compatible with
the same rev of software and firmware (XML export import in newer versions gets around this issue)

14. I want to roll back to an earlier version but I cannot. Install the older version you want to use to somewhere NOT c program files or program files (x86)!
Load up current latest version of software you are using and go to the firmware tab and point it to the firmware file in the older version folder
you installed, update the firmware on the device. Close vpc software and then load the older version up, complete the rest of the config steps with older version.

15.I cannot seem to get the vpc software to talk to my Virpil device
It might show up as "USB Device not recognized" it could be either
A) Bad USB cable (those funky new fangled USB cables Virpil use) seem to have soldering issues on the side that plugs into the Virpil device
If you are brave enough you can try removing the outer shielding around the connector to check the wires and repair if necessary/raise support ticket to Virpil
B) Sometimes the firmware can get corrupted and a "Hard Reset" is needed
Eg with warbrd. Disconnect USB from PC, locate the reset jumper (Marked as BOOT on the PCB) and place tweezers across the pins
(or anything electrically conductive), plug the USB back into PC (use motherboard USB NOT a hub), wait 2 seconds and then remove the tweezers,
load the VPC software, perform update firmware, create new profile (and save VPC device), then perform a calibration (and save)
(see tutorial videos for this info) video here
phpBB [video] or for warbrd, see pics below for other models
CM2 throttle hard reset pin location

16.My encoder knob/wheel is not working right
Be aware that you need to use VPC joytester to properly show an encoder turning (due to VPC config tool showing you internal workings
of the firmware) more info on encoders here If you think it is skiping clicks then try the buffered config setting for that encoder

17.VPC joytester does not show my devices listed
Either re-install the VPC suite from scratch and this time UNTICK the "USB Filter" option during the installation process or edit the
VPC_JOY_TEST.ini text file and set

18. Red Error box
The data being sent from either 1. the Grip to the base or 2. The throttle handle(s) to the main throttle assembly is checked to ensure it is not corrupted
If it is you will see an error number in button tab inthe VPC config software.
For a base/grip it could indicate a loose connection from the grip to the base (or faulty cable inside the base to the collar) - try re-seating the connector and re-screwing the locking collar
There are two sections of cable, one inside the base runs from the socket in the collar into the board inside the base. The other is connected to the board
isnide the grip and comes out the bottom of the grip and plgus into the socket in the collar on the base.
For a throttle means most likely a cable issue could be. Badly cable tied cable, cable loose, badly routed cable or faulty cable inside the throttle handle that runs down into the throttle base - which might mean a return to Virpil :-(

19. My grip has a bit of movement
Over time the two bolts that hold the metal locking collar onto the grip can become loose, give them a tighten (do NOT over tighten them tho)

20. Having issues with VPC software not launching/hanging on launch
Open the VPC_JOY_SETUP.ini config file for VPC config tool and set FeatureReportDelay equal to 200 , save the file and try re-launching VPC config software

21. I am having issues with my control Panel not working
The control panels have two operational modes. AUX (slave mode) means it will be connected to the AUX port on a throttle.
USB mode meaning it will be connected directly to a USB post on the PC. By default the panels arrive in AUX mode, if you need to use USB mode you will need to set it in the profile tab in the VPC software and click SAVE VPC DEVICE

40. I cannot select the correct device type in the profile tab in the VPC software!: DANGER! only try this if nothing else works!
run VPC software press left control + F12 to access hidden settings, Tick Show Developer information(SetPCB)
select you device from the top device selection list, select the correct PCB version for your device in drop down (see table below)
and click the Red SetPCB button, untick the Show Developer information tick box and hit left control + F12 to close the hidden options

List Of PCB types Vs which hardware they are used on
VPC.CNT.V03 = MT-50 Base
VPC.CNT.V04 = MT-50 Base
VPC.BRD.RDR = BRD Rudder only -
VPC.CNT.V05 = MT-50 Base
VPC.CNT.V06 = MT-50 Base; MT-50 Throttle (V1)
VPC.CNT.LITE = WarBRD Base; MT-50 CM2 Base
VPC.CNT.V07 = MT-50 Throttle (V2) ; MT-50 ThrottleCM (V3)
VPC.CNT.V08 = MT-50 ThrottleCM (V3) ; MT-50 ThrottleCM2 (V4) ; VPC Rudder pedals;VPC control panels

VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle (2 variants, V1 = detents + 4way hat switches, V2 = detents, 4way+push hat switches) - both have throttle handle lock detect switch
VPC MongoosT-50CM Throttle (one variant, V3 = no detents + 4way+push hat switches, analog mini stick) - NO throttle handle lock detect switch
VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle´╗┐ (V4 = no detents, 4way+push hat switches, analog mini stick, BUT removed: 2 analog axis, 3 buttons. is the forth iteration of virpil throttle design) - has throttle handle lock detect switch

How to Identify which PCB your Virpil Device has TOP
Hard reset PINS marked in RED called BOOT

How to Identify which PCB your Virpil Device has BOTTOM
Hard reset PINS marked in RED called BOOT

Playlist of tutorial videos
phpBB [video]

See attachment of this post for files to save you time

File comment: This file will save you time (from mode selector tutorial) [3.51 KiB]
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