Havoc Company DCS World Dedicated Server info
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Author:  Johnny_Rico [ Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Havoc Company DCS World Dedicated Server info

Havoc Company DCS World Dedicated Server

24/7 Dedicated Server based in EU, 1Gb Network
Xeon Processor with 32GB RAM

Running 2.5.6 Beta



Address: havoc-company.com
Password: orange

Things that are frowned upon:
1 Team-killing (This is a NON PVP server) SLMOD will kick for first offence, if you return and do it again you will be banned
2 If you are flying A2A and you head to the south A2G area dragging enemy fighters with you, you might get kicked or killed
3 Destroying of friendly AI units
4 Cheating
5 Blocking runways while re-arming / repairing

Mission Info
Mission Name: Weapons Training / Free flight
Purpose: Free flight, combat training, sling load and air re-fueling
Has ALL available DCS World aircraft to fly in

Target zones info
Air to Air Modern (fly toward red bullseye)

Air to Air early jets (guns or Guns/Missiles)

Air to Air WW2

Air to Ground easy / WW2
Air to Ground medium
Air to Ground Hard = AA sites or moving ships at sea

Heli Transport Tasks for infantry, cargo and cargo sling load
Use F10 Radio menu to access the Command centers to join cargo/transport TASKs

CSAR to rescue downed pilots
Use F10 Radio menu to access the Command centers to join CSAR TASKs

Near Kobuleti - Fly sling load to Oil Rigs or Batumi
Mountain Base - Fly sling load to Nalchik, Mozdok, Vody

Carriers to practise landing on

Air to Air re-fueling (3 Tanker types available)

Zeus Game Master is now available on the server

Mission powered by http://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE/

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