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 Post subject: Server feedback
PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:38 pm 

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Hey there,

I've been a year long KA-50 and Falcon BMS pilot and only recently did I get into jets in DCS, mainly the SU-27 (if I could marry her....). Thanks to the way AI are set up I was able to wrap my head around the Russian beast and starting to get somewhat confident and competent, at least when it comes to muscle memory for pressing all those buttons.
Anyways, over time some things started to nag me and after seeing some changes made based on in game feedback I decided to give it a shot myself. I do realize how tedious some of the changes can be, as I worked on missions since LOMAC myself but if feedback is important to you as it seems, at least some of the changes might make it into the mission.

I don't fly it myself, but I've been told the IFF needs a 4-digit code to operate and this code is not given, resulting in quiet some TKs, or at least increased paranoia every time one is around. Looking at the F10 map should not be a substitute for that in a simulation and even then some people don't do it (just like ARMA on public).

Air targets
I did stick to Havoc because of the easy air targets, but now I can't help but find them too easy. The issue isn't so much my skill increase but the absurd situations the AI will get itself into.
Just a few hours ago I dealt with an SU-27s 2-ship. After I shot down the first one in a head on engagement, the second decided to turn away, climb and follow its waypoints, without paying ANY attention to me.
Most 'problematic' are the MiG-21s and 25s. They hardly fire any missiles and if one gets shot down, the other one often just tries to run away (even undamaged). On the defensive they will pull up or otherwise bleed energy to make them an even easier target for incoming missiles.
Basically, if you know nothing other than BVR radar modes you should be doing VERY well in any modern fighter (except against SU-27s when they don't brainfart), so I'm all for cranking it up a notch and see how it goes.
If people complain about this, ask them how they go about BVR engagements. I observe a lot during refueling and who ever charges in blindly, full afterburner, not even attempting to dodge ... that's a reason to go on a forum and seek advice, not complain about how hard the AI is all the sudden.

This might also help with enemy AI bunching up after takeoff, when a couple of players just wipe the previous waves, forcing others to wait while the bandits spread out.

Ground targets
There is nothing worthwhile to do in an attack chopper after very basic weapons training. Even the Gazelle can out-range anything in the medium area, making the targets as threatening as unarmed trucks, unless you want to practice rocket attacks against unreasonable odds. The hard range is not a place for helicopters to be at all. AI will see through trees and Tunguskas are really strong already because of the long range and EO guided missiles (making them immune to flares). And finally people just go for the trucks anyways because dropping CBU-97s is really hard (maybe ban those like AIM-120s?).

My suggestion would be adding some Shilkas and SA-13s to the medium mix, maybe even a couple of MANPADs, just to keep people on their toes. You CAN still out-range them but you get a chance to practice evasive maneuvers or wild weasel against heat seeking SAMs if you wanted. After learning how to shoot, people should learn how to not getting shot at.

I'd also suggest a new target zone with moving convoys, composed of MBTs, BTRs, BMPs, Shilkas and SA-13s...basically the same (new) mix as found on the medium range. Make them invisible on the map and you're set for some interesting S&D missions.

Minor things
FARPs are considered ground, thus rearming isn't possible. It worked fine a while ago.

I really appreciate the bad weather mission, but one KC-135 is flying in the middle of the cloud layer.

Speaking of tankers, some around Sochi would be helpful for those intending to do AAR practice.

No pilot takes off without a flight plan, so I'm kinda missing waypoints. The mission is super simple, so finding anything isn't a problem, but if you know anything about bullseye, you know how helpful a shared reference point can be. One over Gudauta and another one at Krasnodar should provide that. Some just don't like relying on the F10 map.

Somebody complained about not being able to join the A-10A despite having FC3 (confirmed, flew a MiG-29 earlier). As a result he spawned numerous AI planes that would RTB immediately.

I'd highly appreciate merging SU-27s and SU-33s into one flight, unless DCS is stupid and fills the empty slots with AI (see A-10 above). This would theoretically allow the use of the SU-27s datalink.

Finally, "player71" deserves a ban for extensive cheating/modding. His AIM-7s were not radar guided (bandits didn't react to the expected launch warning, the one thing they should do on any difficulty), he fired at ranges the AIM-7 couldn't reach and when the missile detonated, the explosion still killed the target 15+nm away. Similarly his gun had a massive range and wrecked Gudauta in just a few bursts. If you suck hard enough to be using mods like this, you shouldn't be playing online ... my 2 cents.
If the track file works and you're interested, you can have it in no time.

Thanks for having us on your server, for the support you give when able and for making it through this wall of text.

Fly save.

EDIT: just noticed, some MiGs don't care at all and will run away even when just launched at. Is the AI skill random or is AI just random in general?

 Post subject: Re: Server feedback
PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:28 am 
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M2000, think the IFF is working and people need to know how to use it (but dont), if there is something i need to set please let me know
I dont fly it

Air targets , they are set to random skill level, I could set the MIG-21 and MIG-25 to a harder skill level, leave the 27 at random
MIG-21 set to expert MIG-25 set to HARD - DONE

I will set the GCI to air start so it should keep the flow of fresh aircraft going - DONE

Ground targets , will see about adding Shilkas and SA-13s manpads - DONE

not sure how to implement moving convoys and make them respawn, will research it

Tankers height set to 6000 - DONE

Extra Tanker added near to sochi - DONE

which farps have issues ? I will check them, i think i need to add ammo units ? DONE

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