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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:54 pm 

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Hi all,

A quick script for creating objects when players drop a backpack. Useful if you want to simulate radio jammers, carrying ammoboxes, or any other object. Feel free to edit as per your requirements.

   File: createObjectFromBackpack.sqf
   Author: Hellfire257
   Version: 1.02

   Creates defined object when players drop a defined backpack from inventory.
   The created object can be picked up and returned to the player's backpack slot.
   Requires the use of the InventoryClosed event handler:

   _this select 0: _this array returned from event handler (do not change!)
   _this select 1: Required classname of backpack in order to trigger script (string)
   _this select 2: Classname of object to create when backpack dropped (string)

   Example Call(s):
   Requires Tropical Bergen, spawns a data terminal:
   this addEventHandler ["InventoryClosed", {null = [_this,"B_Bergen_tna_F","Land_DataTerminal_01_F"] execVM "createObjectFromBackpack.sqf"}];

   Requires Olive Carryall, spawns an ammo crate:
   this addEventHandler ["InventoryClosed", {null = [_this,"B_Carryall_oli","Box_NATO_Ammo_F"] execVM "createObjectFromBackpack.sqf"}];

   Best used within the initialisation field of a unit.

params ["_ehArray","_requiredBag","_objectToSpawn"];

_debug = true;
_unit = _ehArray select 0;
_container = _ehArray select 1;

if (isNull _container) exitWith {};

_nearestBag = nearestObjects [_unit, ["WeaponHolder"], 1] select 0;
if (isNil "_nearestBag") exitWith {if (_debug) then {systemChat "COFB - Aborting - No Backpack Nearby! (Stage 1)"}};
_droppedBag = getBackpackCargo _nearestBag select 0;
if (count _droppedBag == 0) exitWith {systemChat "COFB - Aborting - No Backpack Nearby! (Stage 2)"}; //May be redundant, better to keep in as a safeguard!
if (_debug) then {systemChat format ["COFB - Nearest bags are %1",_droppedBag]};

_droppedBagClass = _droppedBag select 0;
if (_droppedBagClass != _requiredBag) exitWith {if (_debug) then {systemChat format ["COFB - Aborting - Dropped bag %1 doesn't match %2",_droppedBagClass,_requiredBag]}};
if (_debug) then {systemChat format ["COFB - Dropped bag class is %1",_droppedBagClass]};

deleteVehicle _container;

_spawnPos = _unit modelToWorld [0,1.5,0];
_object = createVehicle [_objectToSpawn,_spawnPos,[],0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
if (_debug) then {systemChat format ["COFB - Created %1 (%2)",_object,_objectToSpawn]};
_object setDir ([_unit, _object] call BIS_fnc_dirTo);

if (typeOf _object == "Land_DataTerminal_01_F") then {sleep 1; null = [_object,3] call BIS_fnc_dataTerminalAnimate};

_objectName = getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _objectToSpawn >> "displayName");
_actionText = format ["Take %1",_objectName];
_object addAction [_actionText,{deleteVehicle (_this select 3 select 0); player addBackpack (_this select 3 select 1)},[_object,_requiredBag]];

Example mission attached.


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