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During the planning stage of the Normandy invasion, the decision was made to land the 6th Airborne Division on the left flank of the invasion beaches between the River Orne and the River Dives. Their primary objective was to capture the two road bridges over the River Orne and the Caen Canal and prevent a German flanking attack on the landing area. Failure to capture the bridges would leave the 6th Airborne Division cut off in enemy territory, so the 5th Parachute Brigade were earmarked to defend the bridges against counter-attacks.

It was decided that the only way to capture the bridges intact was by a glider coup de main assault. Gen. Gale asked Brigadier Hugh Kindersley of the 6th Airlanding Brigade to nominate his best company for the operation. What happened is now the stuff of legend.

However the D-Day planners had overlooked one lesser, but still critical bridge 4km to the North: Pegasus II. They also underestimated the greed of some of their senior ranking officers, in particular a unit commanded by one Major Coward.

Rumours of a bank, filled with a vast horde of Nazi gold (upcycled Jewish spare teeth), located a few kilometers north of the bridge began to reach the ears of the company's NCOs.
Tasked at virtually the last second with the capture of this vital bridge, the soldiery of 1st Special Service Brigade had other, more fiscally motivated, objectives in their minds as their gliders dropped their tow ropes in the early hours of the morning on the 6th of June.

This is their story....

Enemy Forces

Pegasus II is guarded by approx. 50 men belonging to the German 352nd Infantry Regiment. The unit is poorly equipped with a mixture of light weapons and manned by conscripts from Poland (great plumbers), the Soviet Union (white commie scum), and France (French Bastards) under a German officer and senior NCOs.

A flak battery of 88's is known to be operating in the apple orchards to the north of the main bridge.

Intel suggests that detached units of 101st SS Panzer Division are operating in the nearby town of Vichyville. Estimates suggest a platoon of Tiger tanks. Expect highly mobile, light armoured scout vehicles and SS Panzer Grenadiers to be on alert and actively patrolling nearby villages.

Friendly Forces

Our sister glider, carrying our main supply of munitions attempted a landing 20 minutes ago, crash landing on a southerly vector just east of Le Champ de Trou. We have been unable to make radio contact with this group since their final approach. Their tow aircraft reported heavy flak on release.

1.5km to the southwest of Pegasus II, the men of 5th Parachute Brigade have been earmarked to defend the village of Le Champ de Trou against counter-attacks once captured. Exhausted from their assault on their own main objectives, on foot, expect a delay in them getting into position.

Unknown to SHAEF, a small splinter group of Sherman tanks has made a covert landing via LCT's (or tank landing craft) directly into the mouth of the river. Lead by Sergeant Oddballs (medical anomaly, he doesn't like to talk about it), this group has remained hidden in the forest SE of Vichyville, waiting for the opportunity to assist in the heist of a lifetime.


The bridge, designated Pegasus II must be captured before the enemy can destroy it. The bridge is a vital military artery, and the enemy has prepared it for demolition. It must be taken by surprise and captured intact. Your gliders will land at night, without the benefit of ground support. You will assault the garrison, overwhelm it, and hold until relieved.

Commander's Intent

Hold until relieved, then assault the bridge.

***EYES ONLY 1st Special Service Brigade***

After completing our 'official' duties it's tally-bally-ho! and off to the town of Vichyville. With the assistance of our US tanker friends we will take the town, break into the bank, steal the Nazi gold (ok strictly speaking the 'Jew 'gold) and knock out any and all armour that might interfere with our attempt to smuggle the loot back through friendly lines.

Movement Plan

Given our limited numbers we should attempt to capture the village at Le Champs de Trou and hold the village till 5th Para can relieve us BEFORE attempting to take the north side of the bridge.

Fire Support Plan

None, we're on our tod (Richard).


Due to weight limitations, the bulk of our gear was loaded onto the first glider, we will land with light infantry weapons only. AT weapons including AT rifles, PIAT, American made bazookas, and No.82 AT grenades - all packed in first glider. At least one MMG recommended per fireteam.

152's for squad leaders only (bang goes the immersion)(could be worse if I can't get mine working!), so stick within vocal range of your team leaders.

***Kits must be pre-selected during loadout phase at the practice ranges - a loadout mission 'ww2testweaps.SWU_Ardennes_1940' will be availible from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Please take 5 mins to sort your shit out prior to kick off***

It's suggested that everyone makes up at least 2 types of loadout and saves them seperately to GUI/Arsenal - there will be several points in mission to load/reload via GUI however there's neither time nor opportunity to 'fiddle' mid-battlefield. The enemy will be attempting to counterattack! [oh, am i overlabouring that point? tough shit]

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